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Rewards Are Changing

At Willows, we're all about making your experience even more delightful, convenient, and rewarding. We're excited to introduce our brand new Rewards App, designed exclusively for our valued customers like you! Say goodbye to the hassle of carrying around a physical reward card and say hello to a seamless digital solution that puts the power of savings right at your fingertips.

Earning and Redeeming Made Effortless

With the New Rewards App, earning points towards your favourite treats has never been easier. Simply download the app, create your account, and start racking up points with every purchase you make. Whether it's your morning cup of joe, a scrumptious pastry, or a satisfying lunch, every visit gets you closer to exciting rewards.

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I'm in, how does it work?

With every £1 spent, you'll earn 5 points that bring you closer to delightful rewards. And the fun doesn't stop there – once you accumulate 100 points, you can use them to savor a free coffee, or save up for a special family lunch. It's our way of making every visit a step towards unforgettable moments. 

Download the app today from the App Store or Google Play, and let's continue creating wonderful moments together – one cup, one bite, and one rewarding experience at a time.

Existing Reward
Card Holders

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If you're already part of the family with a physical reward card then it couldn't be easier. We have transferred all cards onto our new system along with your hard earned points. 


To continue using our loyalty scheme you simply:

Continue using your physical card as long as you like


Ask us to add your email address to your account then you can simply download the app and your points will transfer across

New to Rewards

Getting started is a piece of cake (or a sip of your favorite brew)! Just download our app, set up your account, and get ready to immerse yourself in a world of delightful perks. When you visit us, a simple scan is all it takes to start racking up those points and treating yourself to something special.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I've downloaded the app but my points aren't showing up from the old scheme?

Don't worry they wont have gone missing, there's probably just an issue with the email address. Send us a message with your reward card number and email address, we will take care of the rest. 

I don't have a smart phone, can I still join the Rewards Scheme?

We are no longer issuing physical cards and instead require you to join the app. 


I don't want to use the app but I have a physical reward card, can I still use my existing card? 

Yes, we will honour all existing cards, even if you cannot move onto the new scheme, please just show this when paying your bill.  

I have a Gold Card, do I still get my discount?

Yes, you will still receive your discount however you will need to hang on to your gold card for now to show at checkout to be able to get your discount. 

What is a gold card and can I get one?

Gold cards are discount cards which were able to be purchased which entitled the holder to additional discounts. Unfortunately due to recent food inflation, we've paused the sale of new gold cards. All existing gold cards will be valid until the expiry date written on the card. 

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